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Welcome to the Hampton Beds. With over 29 years experience in selling beds and mattressses I have selected products that are of good quality and at sensible prices. Hampton Beds have beds from "The Hampton bed Company" on our shop floor. We also have beds and mattresses by Thuka, Stompa, Sleepeezee, Joseph International, Hush a bye, Dreamworks Beds, Limelight, Parisot, Breasley, Restus, Gainsborough, Rest Assured, Kayflex, Komfi, Simmons, Sweetdreams.

Shaker white Wooden Bed
Hampton Beds Price £149.00

Dreamworks Olivia Guest Bed
Hampton Beds Price £559.00

Jullian Bowen Amsterdam Bed
Hampton Beds Price £360.00

Jullian Bowen Leona Oak Bed
Hampton Beds Price £379.00

OBC Hamilton Metal Bed
Hampton Beds Price £599.00

The Parisot Swan midsleeper
Hampton Beds Price £500.00

Thuka Trendy 29 High Sleeper
Hampton Beds Price £719.00

Gainsborough Aztec Sofa bed
Hampton Beds Price £484.00

Harry Mid sleeper
Hampton Beds Price £230.00

Jessie Mid sleeper
Hampton Beds Price £230.00

Zyan Mid sleeper
Hampton Beds Price £230.00

White Bibop Bunk
Hampton Beds Price £649.00

Joseph Maple Day Guest Bed
Hampton Beds Price £465.60

Beds and Mattresses from Hampton Beds Everyone needs a good nights sleep, especially with the pressures of modern day living. You spend about a third of your life in bed, so it is very important that the bed and mattress you chose is right for you. Hampton Beds cares about your good nights sleep.

Bed and Mattress Facts

Everybody needs a good night's sleep, especially with the pressures of modern day living. On average, we spend about one third of our lives asleep, so it is important that the bed and mattress we choose is right for us. We offer a large selection of beds and mattresses, from the most popular brands available in the UK, such as Sleepeezee, Relyon, Sweet Dreams ,Stompa, Thuka, Limelight and many more.

Bed & Mattress consultants

You can order online. , or you can talk to our specially trained and experienced Bed and Mattress consultant  by phone 02084873443.

In Greek mythology, Procrustes developed a bed which would fit any of his house guests regardless of their height. This was only possible because he would stretch or cut down the length of each guest to fit the bed. The Greek Hero Theseus turned the tables by fitting Procrustes on to his own bed whereupon Procrustes had the proverbial ‘long sleep.’
Although Hampton Beds is not able to supply the Procrustes Fit-all Bed, we do make every effort to provide beds adapted to the size and needs of all our customers and it will not cost them an arm and a leg!
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