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Stompa Casa 8 High sleeper

Stompa Casa 8 High sleeperHampton Beds

Stompa Casa 8 High sleeper
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The ladder on the Stompa Casa 8 High Sleeper can be assembled on either the right or left hand side of the bed.
Stompa Casa 8 High Sleeper includes a pull out sofa bed which has a storage area.
Includes a 4 hole, 2 door storage facility
Length (cm) - 209
Height (cm) - 184
Width (cm) 129 including ladder
This offer is made to ensure you are happy with our comitment to competitive pricing.

Caring for your furniture

Please take the time to read these notes which are designed to help you get the very best from your furniture.

  1. The Stompa range of furniture is produced using pine obtained from managed forests and environmentally friendly lacquers. As a natural product, it will mellow with time. Direct sunlight accelerates this process.
  2. Some variation in colour and grain is possible.
  3. Contrary to popular belief, wood requires much less maintenance than people believe. It is not necessary to polish the wood to "feed it". All that is required to keep it looking good is a wipe over with a damp cloth and a little mild household cleaning detergent.
  4. Vacuum clean upholstery weekly as accumulated dirt will accelerate wear and dull colours. Grease stains can be removed by carefully applying a reliable solvent ccleaner. To comply with UK flammability regulations, FR treatment has been applied to cover fabrics where necessarry. Please consult a specialist cleaner for more general cleaning requirements.
  5. Special note: Zips, where fitted, are to aid manufacture and do not necessarily mean the cover is removable. Covers are not washable. Specialist cleaning recommended.
  6. Spring mattresses should be turned weekly for the first month or two and once a month thereafter. With foam mattresses, some dipping may occur after use. This is perfectly normal and caused by settlement.

Avoiding Damage

  1. Whipe up spills immediately, avoid placing hot drinks etc., direcltly on surfaces.
  2. Avoid placing furniture near radiators or other heat soruces, Constant and intermitent heating can change the moisture content of the timber resulting in cracks and distortion.
  3. Do not overload drawers which can put a strain on base and runners.
  4. Do not allow the children to use the bunks for gymnastics.

Robust construction and an easy to care for finish ensures Stompa furniture will keep its good looks for years to come.

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Stompa Casa 8 High sleeper

Stompa Casa 8 High sleeper

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