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We have the UK's biggest selection of cabin beds listed on our site, making it easy for you to get a clear and straightforward overview of pretty much every cabin bed that's available on the web. Buying the right cabin bed can be a time consuming process - trying to find the best sites, comparing prices. hamptonbeds.co.uk makes the process easy - and there are some great advantages in buying online - choosing the perfect bed and getting your purchase delivered to your door can also be done easily from the comfort of your own home.


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Tyler Mid sleeper
Hampton Beds Price £230.00

Abigail Mid sleeper
Hampton Beds Price £230.00

Ethan Mid sleeper
Hampton Beds Price £230.00

Julian Bowen Leo Sleeper
Hampton Beds Price £260.00

Julian Bowen Wendy Sleeper
Hampton Beds Price £219.00

Parisot Pink Mid Sleeper
Hampton Beds Price £441.00

Reverse midsleeper
Hampton Beds Price £465.00

Rio Midsleeper
Hampton Beds Price £266.00

Steens Mid Sleeper Bed Frame
Hampton Beds Price £249.00

The Parisot Swan midsleeper
Hampton Beds Price £639.00

Cabin BedsHampton Beds

Cabin BedsCabin Beds

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