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The starting point of the Thuka System is the single bed from which numerous combinations can be made.
One of the main benefits of the Thuka  System is that you can add to (and change) a basic set, when the need arises following your child from toddler to teenager and beyond
Thuka operate a list of Approved Retailers that ensures you of a high quality of service, cheaper prices, faster delivery and an extended guarantee period when you purchase a Thuka product from one of the approved retailers. We are a Thuka Approved Retailers .

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Thuka Kurt 1
Hampton Beds Price 569.00

Thuka Kurt 2
Hampton Beds Price 649.00

Thuka Hightek 1
Hampton Beds Price 819.00

Thuka Tamtam 1 Bunk Bed
Hampton Beds Price 479.00

Thuka Tamtam 2 Bunk Bed
Hampton Beds Price 479.00

White Bibop Bunk
Hampton Beds Price 649.00

Thuka Nordic Bunk
Hampton Beds Price 439.00

Thuka Nordic Day Bed
Hampton Beds Price 359.00

Thuka Nordic High Sleeper
Hampton Beds Price 779.00

Thuka Nordic Mid Sleeper
Hampton Beds Price 719.00

Thuka Nordic Play
Hampton Beds Price 535.00

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